FREE SHIPPING Purchases over $240

FREE SHIPPING Purchases over $240


Inspiration is born everywhere. 

Places that inhabit memories.  

Memories that reminisce about travels, conversations, poetry.


From the restlessness and chaos of subversion is born a paradox: the fondness for handmade confection. 

Back in 2003. In fashion is a life. 

But in a passing world, we choose to be timeless. 

We do not follow fads. We do not have collections. We don't chase trends. 

We prefer well told stories to instant messages.

A story, so to speak, slow made.

Like our production. 

A small scale production, but honest with the whole chain. 

From the choice of the best raw materials, the appreciation of our seamstresses, the exclusive collabs with local artists, and the care for the planet.

Each piece is the result of our experiences. And of those who tell this story with us. 

Nice to meet you.

We are Dion Ochner :)

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